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the great lyzzizzle
12 June 1990
Tennessee, United States
Interests: (86)
CAPSLOCK, ambiguously gay duos, anime, artemis fowl, batshit crossovers, books, boys, broadway shows, camp fuck you die, cartoons, clamp, comedy, comics, computers, dance dance revolution, dancing, disney, doujinshi, doumeki/watanuki, fake, fanart, fanfic, fics that don't suck, firebenders, flying, foreign music, gay lawyers, great teacher largo, group hugs, honeydew syndrome, hugs, icons, internet, invader zim, italian food, jhonen c. vasquez, johnny the homicidal maniac, kittens, kurogane/fai, laughter, launching chickens into space, lurker day, making icons, manga, maniacal laughter, meet the robinsons, mocking the things you love, movies, muffins, music, music that's too loud, musical theater, myth, ninjas, nintendo, not school, pairings nobody else ships, phantom of the opera, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pixar, pizza, psychonauts, randomness, road to el dorado, singing, sleeping, squee!, storm hawks, super heroes, the god eaters, the suffix "-san", time travel, touya/yukito, treasure planet, tsubasa chronicle, tv, under-appreciated side characters, useless stick figure, various fandoms i forgot, video games, world domination, writing, x-men evolution, xxxholic, yaoi
"Lyzzie is better than drugs--for your body! But worse for your sanity."

"Lyzz is nine parts fangirl, two parts cutely quirky, four parts enabling, and six parts batshit insane. Taken with fandom, she has proven to be highly addictive, but quickly goes bad when stored without. For best results, apply to brain at least once a day. USE WITH EXTREME CAUTION."

Unless otherwise stated in the comments of each userpic, assume that the icon was made by ME and please do not use it without commenting, either on any entry in lyzz_icons or the "Friends Only" entry in this, my personal journal.

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