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SO HEY. Check this out, it's cool.

mekosuchinae is pimping this reading challenge that's being hosted by heyheyrenay and I, a person who enjoys books, have decided to participate. And you should, too! It's easy-peasy.

STEP 1: Sign up! heyheyrenay explains how to do so here.
STEP 2: Make a list of ten books that you looooove and share it with the world!
STEP 3: Read at least three books that other participants have recommended (preferably ones you've never read before) and review them. Share the reviews just like you shared the list.
STEP 4: There is no step four! You're done!

That being said, here is my list!

  1. Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo*† by Obert Skye
  2. Twilight*† by Stephenie Meyer
  3. Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
  4. Inkheart*† by Cornelia Funke
  5. Stargirl† by Jerry Spinelli
  6. City of Masks* by Mary Hoffman (Stravaganza)
  7. Artemis Fowl*† by Eoin Colfer
  8. The Lightning Thief*† by Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
  9. The Princess Bride† by William Goldman
  10. Mister Monday* by Garth Nix (Keys to the Kingdom)

Books with an asterisk next to their titles are the first volumes of series that are incomplete as of today. Books with the little † next to them have movie adaptations, either already released, in production, or in negotiations. (The majority fall under the last two statuses.)

I've included links to each book's Wikipedia article, as well as the series name in small text (if it differs from the actual title of the book), to assist you in finding them. If you do check out a book from a series, I'd advise you to also look up the series's main article, as the entries for the books themselves tend to be rife with spoilers.

YES, I realize that the majority of the books above are below my estimated reading, not to mention age, level. I like children's lit, okay? DON'T JUDGE ME.

Anyway. Now's your turn! GET CRACKING, INTERNET.
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